sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2010

A warm hello from the Philippines!!!

Some people despite the years and being thousands of miles away will never forget you. Those are true friends for life.

Just got this deeply touching email which I would like to share with you:

Hello ****!
How is the world treating you?

Long time no see, Amico. I wish that you are really enjoying life, my dear friend. One thing is sure, I have never forgotten you.
Without that assistance you extended the last time, still remember that letter? The truth would have not been known in Oslo. And that truth set me free! The tide turned and I got the support of none other than the fleet manager that time. And I earned the respect of all the seniors who was out to destroy me! It is still a big secret, though, about that letter. Believe it or not, it changed the way how we, the chief mates are treated - with respect! I wish to thank you very much, my friend.

I have herewith attached some of your photos taken onboard KCL Banner - which I delivered to Piraeus, Greece, about 2 years ago when she was sold to her new Greek owners.

Have a wonderful and happy week-end!
Your friend,
**** (my real name)

5 comentários:

Malena disse...

It's great to have friends for life! :-)

Liliana disse...

Os amigos dignos desse nome nunca estão demasiado longe e nunca se ausentam tempo suficiente para nos esquecerem.

Carmo disse...

Friends are friends till the end



CrisTina disse...

Hei-de voltar.

Malena disse...

Caro Demóstenes, sentimos a falta dos teus maravilhosos textos. Que preguiça é essa?